Here you will find a list of books, websites and movies that I have found to be helpful and would encourage you to look into if you are interested in finding out more information.  Please feel free to suggest others and let me know what you think about those listed here.






A long way gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldierby Ishmael Beah

            There is a group guide.

            This book was for sale for awhile at Starbucks and is the story of a boy soldier during the war in Sierra Leone.  I had the opportunity to hear Ishmael speak in early Aug here in Nairobi.  It was awesome and humbling.  Please read this book.

Africa Bible Commentary 

            The Africa Bible Commentary is unique. Written by African theologians and produced in Africa, it is the first one-volume commentary ever created to help pastors, students, and lay leaders in Africa apply God’s Word to distinctively African concerns, yet its fresh insights will have a universal appeal.”


Rough Guide to Kenya and Lonely Planet Guide to Kenya

While I like both guides, I think that I like Rough Guide better.  They run the same price but this one offers a lot more information.  If you want to know bits of all sorts of things in an easy to read format, check out either one of these guides.  If you are planning on coming, I suggest that you buy one or the other.  If you’ll be living in Eldoret the Rough Guide has more details we’ve discovered.


 Maasai of East Africa


Communities Firstby Jay Van Groningen, 2005

            This is a book that can be done as a group study and has two CD presentations that you can also get.  It is about challenging you and your church to reach out and transform yourselves and your community together with the love of Christ.



Books –

AIDS Is Real and it’s in our Churchby Jean Garland and Dr. Mike Blyth, 2005.

Movies –
A Closer Walk, 2003
Living With Slim, 2004
Scenarios From Africa, 2005

Dear Francis, 2005   I liked most of this movie, it’s just over an hour. It gives a briefly real view of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Swaziland’s HIV/AIDS rate is the worst on the continent. The ministry here is to teach abstience and that may not be the best way to attack the problem depending on who you ask. It is worth a watch though, especially if you want to see a bit of reality without flying across the ocean.

 Websites –
CRWRC is currently in the beginnings of a two-year campaign called “Embrace AIDS” to raise money to fight AIDS in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  facebook is
UNAIDS – This site offers information from the United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS, “United the World Against AIDS.”
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a website that is easily accessible.  The CDC is fairly recognizable and respected in the States.  They also work in connection with the NPIN – National Prevention Information Network to offer basics that are easily printed and understood.
Micah Network is a highly respected organization striving to end poverty and all that entails.  Here is their HIV/AIDS page.
CRCJusticeSeekers provides a lot of great information on all sorts of justice issues.  Here is a great video on ten myths and truths of HIV/AIDS.  This video is about 8 minutes long.


Videos –

This is a CRWRC video produced before I arrived to work in Kenya.


Website –

This is a great place to start!  You’ve read several posts from me (I hope) on the evironment and how we can reach out where we are to make a change in our lives and in the lives of those around us.  This is great site for your whole life.  It’s not an environmental site so please take a peek

This is a great little 20-minute video download all about our STUFF.


Books –

Serving with Eyes Wide Open: Doing Short-term Missions with Cultural Intelligenceby David A. Livermore

            A great look at how we look at missions.  This book will open your eyes to a variety of things, particularly how you filter things through your own cultural lens.  Anyone thinking of doing any cross-cultural work, whether in near your home or across the sea, should read this book.  PS. One of the commenters on the back of the book, and listed on the link is Daryl Nuss, Sterling College grad!  Yoohoo!


Websites –
Mission Network Newsis an organization focusing on world mission news.  CRWRC is on the site currently and pretty regularly, I understand.  You can get an overview of the site here.


Books –

Under the Overpassby Mike Yankoski

            This is the personal story of a young man who hear a call from God and followed it the homeless shelter and streets of the USA.

Same kind of different as me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent

            This is an autobiography and fits under a couple of different categories really.  The sub title pretty much captures the idea of the book, “a modern-day slave, an international art dealer, and the unlikely woman who bound them together.”  Most of this book takes place in the downtown slums of Ft. Worth, Texas.  It’s true, it’s sad, it’s poignant and it’s funny.  It makes you think about your motivations for helping others.  All that a good book should be.


Websites –

“To make poverty history, we need to Make Affluence History.”


This website will help you put a face to poverty and hunger and illness.  It’s an interactive site to make you think.


This is not new and many of you may already be familiar with the ONE campaign and those white bracelets.



 The Second Chance, 2006  

Bound to be Free, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.  Race issues within the church.

 SHOPPING- I wasn’t really sure where to put this but it fits into several of the above categories for me.  I’ve found this great fundraising org that provides eco-friendly, fair-trade, sociallyl concious, sustainable thinking products for purchase instead of more fat generating cookie dough (although I do love me some delicious cookie dough).   I especially encourage you to check into Greenraising if you are looking at any fundraising in your future for your school, church or organization.