Please join me as I lift up these requests and praises to the Lord.  I will put things in order with the most current at the top of the list.  Feel free to scroll down to see how God is working.

26 Oct. 2009

  • Continue to pray for healthy, life-giving rains in Kenya
  • Praise God for renewed friendships as well as new ones.
  • Pray for one of my students that is really struggling in many ways.
  • Pray that people (certainly me included) practice good stewardship.
  • Thank God for technology that keeps us close even though we are far apart: skype, facebook, blogs, email.

21 Oct. 2009

  • Praise God for rain in Kenya!
  • Pray that the rain does not cause dangerous flooding but is nourishing and renewing to people and the earth.
  • Praise God for my new job at Lamar Community College in Colorado working with the international students.
  • Pray for my family as we are comforted in the fact that Gran (my mother’s mom) has gone to be with the Lord.  Some days are less sad than others.
  • Praise God for my Kenyan coworkers who have received visas to travel to North America in the next couple of months for work!  Please pray for Chris’s wife, Terry, who is going to try and get hers on Nov 3 so that she can travel to the US with Chris and get to see her parents for the first time in many years.

17 Aug. 2009

  • Praise God for a loving family!
  • Praise God for the new Bridger that has been hired for the CRWRC-Kenya office.
  • Please pray for Chikka as she adjusts to her new position as the Kenya Bridger.
  • Please pray for me as I travel over the next month.
  • Please pray for the perfect job for me.
  • Praise God for debriefing last week in CO!  Amazing!

20 April 2009

  • Praise God for a successful Volunteer Mgmt Training with our partners.
  • Praise God for safe travels over the past month
  • Praise God for allowing my friend, Laura, to visit
  • Pray for focus as I finish my final 2.5 weeks in Kenya
  • Pray that I can have healthy closure
  • Pray for the rains to continue and that they will relieve some of the pain of the drought

9 March 2009

  • Praise God, the Alpha and Omega!
  • Thank God for a renewing vaca with freinds old and new.
  • Thank God for my family, who is waiting, not so patiently for y return to the Land of Oz.
  • Pray for my future job and home.
  • Pray for the 3500 people we visited in Eldoret that are still residing at the IDP camp at the Showgrounds.  Their life is hard, very hard.
  • Pray for tribal barriers to melt away and God’s love to prevail.

27 February 2009

  • Praise God for safe journies to Jos, Nigeria to visit friends.
  • Pray for continued healing and peace for the countries of Nigeria and Kenya.
  • Pray for the impact of the recent trip to Kenya to transform the lives of those who have come to visit CRWRC work in the past two months.
  • Pray for renewal on vacation.

11 February 2009

  • Praise God for all of the successful CRWRC visitors thus far.
  • Pray that the Pastor’s Tour participants – both East African and North American – will be blessed this week.
  • Pray for safety for the NADC team as they travel to and around Kenya for the next two weeks.
  • Pray for me and our partners as we work to teach and learn from our visitors.
  • Pray for all of those looking for jobs around the world – me included.
  • Praise God for all of my friends who are recently engaged!  Melissa and Ryan and Chris and Brian!

6 January 2009

  • Praise God for another year filled with promise.
  • Praise God for a holiday that was relaxing and renewing.
  • Pray for a freind who is ill and upcountry.  He is tentativley scheduled for exploratory surgery 14 Jan.
  • Pray for CRWRC-Kenya as we begin to move forward with recommendations from our recent evaluation.
  • Praise God for the new jobs that my sister, Sarah, just started this week!
  • Pray her house in Goodland sells soon and for a good price.

9 December, 2008

  • Thank God for another year and all the birthday greetings from family and freinds
  • Thank God for friends from long ago that are now back in my life.
  • Pray for continued healing for a coworker.
  • Pray for money and time spent wisely this holiday season.
  • Pray that the recommendations from the recent CRWRC-Kenya evaluation will be well-received and implemented to the benefit of all.

27 November, 2008

  • I thank God for each of you and brining us together.
  • I thank God for creativity.
  • I thank God for safe travels across East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda in the last week or so).
  • I thank God for the continued rising awareness of HIV/AIDS and people who are getting involved and embracing those who are living positively.
  • I thank God for loving me and you.

Nov. 3, 2008

  • Please pray for coworkers upcountry and thier safety.
  • please pray for emotional healing for those in Kenya affected by everyday violence
  • Thank God for my health

Oct. 24, 2008

  • praise God that I have no tropical disease!
  • Thank God for safe journies over the past month.  The roads here are not good and there have definately been times of serious prayer as I drive.
  • Thank God for my nephew, Stewie, I mean Adam, who turned two last weekend.
  • Pray that people continue to seek the Lord’s justice and not their own.

Sept. 18, 2008

Praise God for me being in Kenya for one year (ok, so it’s ten months since I went back to NA in May and June).

Praise God for safe journies while traveling. This is something we take for granted that is something that we shouldn’t.  There are no guarantees in life and traveling in Kenya certainly is never dull.

Praise God for a great environmental training attended by our regional and some of our partner staff last week.

Please continue to pray for my friend who lost her job that there is healing in that situation.

Sept 5, 2008

Please pray for a close friend who just lost her job.

Praise God for the work of one of our partners that is changing lives.

Praise God for safe travels,

Pray for another week of travels, visitors and meetings – that they may all be more than we could dream.

Aug 29, 2008

Praise God for He is Gooooood!  No reason, He just is.

Thank God for a great woman named Karen who cleans my house.

Thank God for my family.

Pray for the several trips with visitors that will happen throughout the next two weeks.

Pray for open hearts and minds as we as CRWRC, our partners and visitors and volunteers all work and learn together.

Aug 14, 2008

I thought I’d been better at keeping up with the prayer list, pole sana (so very sorry).

My previously mentioned ill coworker is much better.

Please continue to pray for the other coworkers living situation

Pray for an important meeting I have tomorrow (Fri. Aug 14) afternoon

Praise God for all of you who are supporting me in your various ways – you are a treasure!

July 24, 2008
Praise God for my safe journey back to Nariobi
Pray for a coworker’s health
Pray for a different coworkers living situation
Focus is always a prayer request. So many things come in front of me and I need to prioritize well and focus on why I am here
Praise God for time well-spent with family and friends in North America
Praise God for all the hard work that so many in our home offices put into my work here in Kenya.

July 8, 2008

  • Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement over the last two months.
  • Praise God for all of my safe travels over the past two months
  • Pray that I have safe travels back to Kenya and that all of my luggage arrives with me.
  • Pray for me and my family as we readjust to being apart for another year.

April 13, 2008

  • praise God that my plane ticket home is ready to go – May 6 at 11:50 pm I leave Kenya
  • Pray that I remain focused on the work at hand for the next month
  • praise God that I got to spend some time with my host family this past weekend
  • Pray that bitterness, hurt and hatred is healed by God (for Kenyans and really, the world, me included)
  • pray for me as I prepare to go home and choose what to pack and what to say to all I will visit

March 12, 2008

  • Pray for Chris who is in Eldoret doing a NFI (non-food item) distribution to 4000 families
  • Praise God for Msafara (‘caravan’) that is traveling across the country to take the nation for the Lord in prayer, meetings, volunteering and praise.  I attended in the city on Monday night and it was amazing!
  • pray for the East Africa Ministry Team (EAMT) leadership that will be traveling to the coast of Kenya next week for meetings and spiritual renewal
  • Pray for the rest of our staffs so that they may not be overwhelmed with so many out of the offices but find some refreshment in the slower time
  • Praise God that I am growing.  I visited the customs PO yesterday and got a lot of information I was looking for as well as my package.  Everyone was pleasant and I didn’t cry this time!  I am letting go of things that would have set me off in the past, such as my computer being broken for almost two months.  yea, God!
  • pray for the health of my family, it’s winter back home and please pray for well-being all around
  • Pray for Sarah M.  We know each other from SC and she is volunteering at a children’s home this month outside of Nairobi.

Feb. 27, 2008

  • Praise God for safe travels to and from Eldoret for me and the rest of the Relief Team
  • Priase God that I was able to see some of the devestation first-hand.
  • Pray that I will be able to share what I have seen in a way that people understand and by which they are moved.
  • Pray for a friend from Sterling College, Sarah, that has just arrived in Kenya.  She will be here for a month.
  • Pray for my sisters, Angie and Sarah, who are in Texas and Kansas respectively, and are both working on degrees (Ang- undergrad and Sarah – grad).
  • Pray for continued safety for our staff here in Kenya.

Jan. 24, 2008

  • Praise God for the people who are reaching out in peace and love and hope
  • Praise God for those who are helping with relief efforts across the country
  • Praise God for the safety of the CRWRC staff and return to homes for everyone
  • Pray for Chris, who works with CRWRC Reflief, as he is assessing waht we can do best to help people.
  • Pray for Chris’s safety as he travels in this process.

Jan. 3, 2008

  • Pray for peace, love and mercy to prevail in Kenya
  • Pray for safety for all who are here
  • Pray for loved ones who are elsewhere (like my parents)
  • Thank God for the many blessings that he has provided since elections took place on Dec. 27
  • Thank God for the joy of his son’s birth
  • Thank God for allowing me and two friends to celebrate Christmas together

Dec. 12, 2007

  • Please pray for me as I heal from a cold.  This is my third cold since arriving in Africa.  Pray that I will get acclimated and stay healthy.
  • Pray for the Mt. Elgon region as violence is not stopping.
  • Pray for the Kenyan presidential elections that are Dec. 27.  We pray that Kenyans will vote with discernment and accept the winner and support him.
  • Praise God for a great birthday for me last week.  It was a day filled with love and blessings from around the world.

Dec. 5, 2007

  • Praise God for my parents who love each other so much that they chose to show that love by having me and that they love me so much they named me Amy – ‘beloved’
  • Praise God for my friends in Kenya (from American, Canada, Kenya and Germany/Honduras) who are helping me celebrate my birthday today!
  • Praise God for a great week upcountry in Eldoret last week with Alida and our partners.
  • Please continue to pray for the election process in Kenya – presidential elections are Dec. 27
  • Pray for the injustice occuring in front of people everyday.  hunger, inequality, lynching, violence, hatred, poverty
  • Please pray regarding a package from me that was sent to my old apt in MN instead of my folks in KS.  We have been able to retrieve it from the new tenent and it was full of Christmas presents from Africa.  Pray that, well, I’m not sure what to pray for on this one anymore.
  • Thank God for Carrie and Randy who are working on finding the package
  • Praise God for all of my friends and family who remembered my and called or emailed me today for my birthday.

Nov. 20, 2007

  • Praise God for my time with Rena in Uganda.  We had a good time and I learned a lot about CRWRC, our work in Uganda and my role as Bridger.
  • Continue to pray for peace and grace as the Kenyan Presidential elections drawer nearer (Dec. 27).
  • Pray for relief for those internally displaced people residing in the Mt. Elgon region as well as for peacemaking efforts.
  • Praise God for the two packages that I have recently received from my family!  Hooray!  Praise God for the love and support that I receive and feel from them even from so far away.
  • Praise God for you.  Thank you for your encouragement and support!

Nov. 5, 2007

  • Praise God for a great spiritual retreat for our entire office this past weekend.
  • Praise God that my apt. is coming together nicely – what an adventure!
  • Please pray for safe elections in Kenya Dec. 27 and that people will vote with a discerning heart and mind.
  • Please pray for safety in the Mt. Elgon region.  CRWRC is doing disaster relief there and things are getting difficult.  Please pray for peace, justice and that the relief is going to the people who need it most.
  • Praise God for all the safe journies of me and many in CRWRC who have been traveling the world this past week.
  • Pray for Rena and I as we prepare to meet in Uganda next week to discuss the Bridger role in CRWRC.

Oct. 22, 2007

  • Praise God for safety and good health in life in general, I’ve only been sick (besides a cold) once.
  • Praise God for my nephew who turned 1 last week and that everyone was able to be there (I was certainly there in spirit).
  • Thanks and prayer for my sister, Angie, and her husband, Jeff, as they continue to strive to be the best parents that they can be for little Adam.
  • Thank God for a good HIV/AIDS tour a couple of weeks ago where everyone was challenged, stretched and encouraged, including me.
  • Thank God for a great staff that I work alongside every day.
  • Thank God for a new friend in Amanda.  Please pray that I continue to make friends here in Nairobi that are from all over the world (particularly Kenya).

Sept. 28, 2007· Praise God for my first week of language study.· Praise God for my learning how to safely ride the matatus.· Pray for Alida as she travels to Eldoret to begin her family stay and work at one of the hospitals.· Pray for me as I learn about the work of CRWRC in Kenya.· Pray for me as I finish my formal Swahili lessons this week.· Pray for Beth and Marty as they got married this past weekend.

Sept. 10, 2007· Praise God for my dad who’s birthday was the 7th.  Happy Birthday, Dad!· Praise God that I have my living details for the first month of Nairobi.· Praise God for my time of learning and relaxation in Niger with the West Africa Ministries Team.· Pray for true transformation of the communities that CRWRC is working with through West Africa as well as the transformation of those of us working with these communities.· Pray for Sarah C as she begins her research on excision in Mali.· Pray for my sister, Sarah, as she struggles with health issues.Sept. 1, 2007· Praise God for our time here in Mali.  God continues to bless me as I learn to cope with lizards by not allowing me to see them.  Yes!· Praise God for the Mali Team who is in the midst of transition as well as having us here for awhile.· Pray that the learning and desire to learn will not cease.· Pray that there will be safe journies for everyone traveling to Niger for the West Africa Ministries Team meeting Sept. 3-7.· Pray for our families at home and all that they are dealing with both in joy and frustration.Aug. 16, 2007· Praise God for Melissa arriving safely in Sierra Leone and the elections going well.  She is now living with a host family for awhile while she gets her bearings. · Chinyere and I have learned a great deal over the past month and have been strengthened in mind, body and spirit.  We praise God for that and pray that it will continue as we move to Mali tomorrow.· Praise God for the Senegal CRWRC staff who have taught and given so much to us.  They are beautiful examples of Christ’s love in action.· I praise God for several weddings that have happened since I’ve been here and pray that He will bless these new families as they move forward with him.  Melanie and Chuck, Brian and Shannon and Joy and Paul.· Pray for my sister, Sarah, as she begins a new graduate program via Univ. of Nebraska (yes, unfortunately she will be a [choke, gasp] Cornhusker).· Chinyere and I have been pretty darned healthy since our arrival.  Please pray that will continue. Aug. 5, 2007· Please pray for those back in the Twin Cities as they deal with the tragedy of a major bridge collapsing.  Everyone that I have heard from thus far is alright.· I float through waves of homesickness.  Please pray for comfort and opportunities to call my family.· My friend, Melissa, has been in training with Chichi and I for much of the summer.  She flew to Sierra Leone this morning to start her two-year assignment as a community health worker.  Please pray for a smooth transition for her.· Praise God that I was able to relax on a beautiful beach yesterday and not be homesick, just enjoy the amazing creation that God surrounded me with that afternoon.July 31, 2007

  • Pray for Melissa as her housing situation is settled before she arrives in Sierra Leone on Sunday.
  • Pray for diligence and focus as we work through our learning plans.
  • Pray for God’s comfort and peace as I struggle with many new and different things.
  • Praise God for a room with an AC in our new apt.  I sleep so much better now!

July 21, 2007

  • Please pray that I can let go of my desire to control all aspects of life.

  • Pray for continued good health.

  • Praise God for my safe journey to Dakar.

  • Thank God for my family, many of whom I was able to see prior to my departure.

  • Please pray that I will keep an open mind as I learn all sorts of new ideas and information.

July 2, 2007 –

  • Pray that I can learn to be flexible ‘outside of the box’
  • Pray that I may go into this adventure with a learning attitude.
  • Pray for my final farewells, that they will be meaningful and sincere

June 29, 2007 –

  • Thank God for continued healing for Sarah and Angie.
  • Praise for my safety in traveling, thus far the worse thing is that my luggage arrive Monday mid-morning, I arrived Sunday night.
  • Thank God for the fabo cabin retreat with my Calvary Singles.  It was refreshing and such a blessing to have Beth and Lynnae deliver me to the airport.
  • Thank God for my new CRWRC friend, Alida (ah-lee-da), who will be stationed about 5 hours or so from me in Kenya!
  • Pray for continued focus for my training and a desire to learn from a variety of people.

June 20, 2007 –

Praise God for a great training in Grand Rapids, it was awesome!

Thank God for my car making it back to Liberal.  Pray that we do the right thing with it now.

Please continue to pray for my travel mercies and that God will put people in my path so that we may be mutually blessed.

It’s hard to say goodbye.  Please pray for me and my family as we do this over the next month.

Once again I ask for focus and that I can absorb information and knowledge like a sponge while I’m in training in Canada.

Praise God for my new friend with CRWRC who will be in other places in Africa: Chi-Chi and Melissa.

June 12, 2007-

Thank God for the travel mercies for my parents and I.  I did have some car issues but made it to my destination nonetheless.

Thank God for continued physical healing for Angie.  Pray for her spirit to heal as well.

Please pray for Sarah to be healed of her physical pain and that doctors that can explain what is happening.

Pray for focus as I go through my first bit of training here in Grand Rapids, as well as relationship building with people who will be in similar situations next year and prove to be a great support network.

Thank God for flexibility!

May 31, 2007:

Thank God for Calvary CRC and the amazing send-off that they have given to me.

Thanks for all of my Minni friends here in the Twin Cities, I love you all!

Thanks for my family who I think sorta thinks I’m crazy, but loves and supports me anyway.

Please pray for safe travels as I leave Minnesota tomorrow morning and head for Kansas, with several stops along the way (including the closest Sonic in DesMoines!).

Pray for all of my goodbyes.  They are difficult but I know that they are only temporary for most.

June 9, 2007 –

Pray that the garage sale goes smoothly and raises a lot of money and people are blessed by the ‘treasures’ that they purchase.

Please pray for my sister, Angie.  She had emergency surgury this week and my parents drove to Texas to be with her.  Pray for whole healing for Angie and safe journies for my parents.

I am tired.  There is still so much to do and so little time in which to accomplish it all.  Please pray for focus, good time management, excellent retention of what I read and safe travels.

Thank God for those who donated many items to my garage sale and the fact that I didn’t keep any of it for myself!  (Now that I’ve written that I guess that I should put those two beanie babies back, huh.)