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That’s what I’m doing.  It’s what I’ve done almost all day long.  In my hotel room (did you know that Marriott is owned by a Mormon, thus the Bible AND the Book of Mormon in each room?), in a coffee shop (where I ran into a gal whose dad I work with at SC and a couple of midwesterns that love Jesus), in a Prius (yes, I upgraded the rental and it was AWESOME!), on a beach (MORE AWESOME), in an airport ale house (no ale consumed, not a fan, although I ordered some as a belated birthday gift for a cousin).  Soon, I will be sitting at the terminal gate and then on a plane.  Then another airport and another terminal gate and another airplane, another rental and 3 more restaurants for meetings (although two will be fun meetings).

I’m tired.  I’ve been sitting a long time.

I’ve not been myself for a long time and I’ve spent time today thinking about that a bit.  I don’t really know what set me off my course, but I was lost.  I hurt.  I was sad and lonely.  I was simply not right.  I finally came to the point where I was so miserable I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I was tired of sitting in my office working until 1 am because I felt I had nothing else.  I was tired of sitting on my couch watching the same movies over and over and over, not wanting to sit anywhere else.  I was tired of sitting being miserable. 

So I got some help.  I cannot believe the change.  I’m not sure what was at hand, but I’m becoming myself again.  Thank God!

I love God.  That never changed.  It was hard to talk to Him though for a long time.  No reason why, I just didn’t have the words.  I felt like I was talking in a vacuum, knowing that even though I felt that, it wasn’t true.  It was almost like I was watching myself struggle in my faith and life.  Being able to converse with God again is as refreshing as a cool sweet lemonade on a sweltering Kansas summer day.  Wow.  It is goooooood.

I smile again and I mean it.  Sometimes I’m tired and want to sit.  That’s OK.  I can now sit and talk with God and that’s OK and far from where I was. 

God continues to provide, even when I don’t know how to talk with Him, let alone how to ask Him to provide, or what I even need. 

God is good.  I’m not worthy, but I am now happy to sit and be.  Happy to sit and be with God.

Advertisements Mark DeMoss

This is a simple read, I read it over a couple of flights.  I’ve had this book for over a year, because I know that I packed it to move, the recent work trip was the perfect reason to check it off my list and decide whether to keep it or add it to the garage sale pile. 

The book is worth reading and I could see even keeping it on the shelf to reference periodically.  DeMoss offers some wisdom that may be more welcome and ‘wise’ coming from an expert in a published book than from me, the crazy foster mom.  😉

This is a timely book, I mean, this is the second edition and it has current illustrations.  There are topics that may not be terribly popular, but are still important to consider in your career.  The work trip I just took included travel and meals with my boss, which was completely benign.  DeMoss talks about guarding yourself, your career and your business by taking some precautions.  It was a thoughtful read and had some practical suggestions on improving our wisdom.  This is a book based on Scripture and the wisdom God has revealed through his word with DeMoss suggesting reading one chapter of Proverbs a day to increase our wisdom and awareness of God in all of our life. 

DeMoss focuses on the wisdom of honesty, regardless of the results.  It was refreshing and yet this is a book by a PR exec and sometimes seems a bit of a brag-fest and I think the book would’ve been better without that tenor.  As it stands I think I’ll loan it out and not be too concerned if it doesn’t return. 

It was a good and simple read.  While not my favorite, one I have already discussed with a couple of folks and one friend has asked to borrow the book. 

What to read next? 

Mercy, I had forgotten the joys of jetlag.  I’m not sure I’ve finished very many conversations the same time I started them.  I typically remember that I started and finish it off 3 hours later.  I’ve heard so many ways to overcome and at this point, don’t care.  I’m so tired I can hardly type!  🙂  Heading to bed – up about 7 to hit breakfast before heading out to the Wall with the tour at 7:55.  Hope you all have a great day, my friends!

It is currently 6:13 Saturday morning in Colorado and 2113 here in China (the whole country is in the same time zone) (Vietnam is an hour behind us, if you care).

I’m in Beijing and loving it!  It is cold and it was a long flight.  I have some jetlag but we’re having a grand time.  I’m going to try and post some pics later.  I’ve successfully plugged in my flat iron to my converter (not just the adaptor) and we’ll head out to the silk market shortly before dining on the famous dish of the city – Peking Duck.  Or Hard Rock (live Chinese cover band!).  The other will be tomorrow night.

Trivia: When did Peking become Beijing?

There’s so much to see here and so much I want to know.  I wish I had a local Chinese friend to explain things to me.

I did learn this today.  It is not uncommon to have Chinese young people come up to you and ask to go to tea to practice their English skills.  However, it could also be a scam where they bank on you knowing no Chinese and they take you to a fancy tea shop and order the most expensive tea which I’m told could cost 1000 yuan ($100) per cup and they stick you with the bill.  Not happened today :).

Hitting the Wall tomorrow!

Facebook is blocked here so I’m trying to keep up.  Love to you all, my friends!

I think that a big thank you is due to every teacher I have every had, from kindergarten through graduate school.  They all, in some way, fostered a spirit of the joy and adventure of reading.  There’s just something about having a book in your hand that is comforting, encouraging, challenging and knowledge forming.  It’s very common in my family to see at least 2 of us reading something at any given time.  Dad loves Westerns, one year we branched out a bit and gave him the entire Mitford series.  He’s from a small town.  Mom and Dad both loved it.  When we go shopping, Dad sits in the car or the food court and reads a book until we’re ready to go.

Mom received a Kindle for Christmas and has decided to go back to the classics.  She’s loving it, especially since Dad cheated and gave it to her several months in advance and they were sneaky and just didn’t tell us (we all gave her accessories for Christmas).  I remember the local public library doing the summer reading program.  They would have a drawing contest for a bookmark and I won one year.  I can’t imagine since my drawing skills are far from awesome.  It was a worm wearing a mortarboard coming out of an apple.  I’m sure it’s in a scrapbook somewhere.  I remember Mom suggesting books and me finding myself lost in the worlds of Romona Quimbly or a Mexico I’d never yet imagined.  She may not realize it, but I would bet my love of reading is part of the basis for my love of travel.

The last few years I’ve set a goal of how many books to read, thanks to my friend, Rachel, who has done the same.  2009 was 40 and I made 36 1/2.  2010 was 30 and I made 46.  2011 had a goal of 25 with the addition of the goal to watch 15 documentaries.  I almost have 2 on the list thus far.

I thought I was doing so well until a friend posted on FB that she read 130+ books last year. Awesome!  I’m content with my small number and am certain I will pass it but it’s fun for me to have a goal.  I’m competitive with myself and so read I shall.  I have a variety of things on my list and keep it updated as I go on FB.  I shall post it periodically here as well as on the new site another friend, Lora, suggested –  I’d love to hear about your reading, any suggestions (as long as they aren’t scarey, I am a chicken) or any memories you have of reading and why you read.

I was saddened one day to hear from a coworker how he and his wife use reading as a punishment for their children and I pray that someday the whole family will see reading as a joy.

What are you reading right now?

I am tired and have slept really well once I’ve finally gone to bed each night this week.  I think it’s just because I’m so exhausted.  I often don’t sleep well.  I hate that.  I really hate that.  And here I sit, with bad braided extensions in honor of the pending Multicultural Week that I created at my job (love this part) in my office blogging.  I’ve caught up on my weekly tv shows online, cleared several things off my plate (and desk) and accomplished a fair bit.  However, it never seems enough and so here I sit.



I’m going home.  I’m trying to blog more.  Push myself to write, to journal, talk to God, find my center in him, not in late night texts or dreams of what ‘could be.’  Right now I appear to be at the high avoidance stage.  Perhaps collapse and caving will occur this weekend?  Until then I’m off to home to get up early to be on the radio at 7:30 tomorrow and again Friday (different station) at 7:40.  Love that I’m friends with both deejays.


all times are mountain. 🙂

It’s nice to know that some of you are keeping up with the blog regardless of how rarely I write these days.  I hope that you keep stopping by my friends.

I was going through the pain of goodbye.  I was saying goodbye to my coworkers, my guards, my neighbors, my movie dealer, my market vendors, my guest house hosts, my taxi driver, my friends.  It hurts my heart today and I’m hoping I make it through the day without crying but doubt it.  It’s good to remember what God has given.  He didn’t take it away, he just showed me a new place with new friends that one day, I will also have to leave.  God, you have given me so much and continued to build on the lessons you started in me during my time in Kenya.  I praise you!  May your name be glorified in my life.

I’m speaking at Rotary today.  This is not going to be easy.

Don’t think I live my life in sadness wishing for nothing but to return to Kenya.  That is not true.  I miss my life there and would love to return someday, for a visit, I think.  But today, as I remember leaving everything to march (well, fly) into the unknown, I remember with joy and sorrow the bittersweet of goodbye and I just need a moment.

I review for BookSneeze

I previously mentioned that I had joined Booksneeze for free books and such.  Well, my first foray into this arena was a dvd.  I watched Sheila Walsh’s Gigi, God’s Little Princess:  Gigi’s Hugest Announcement.  Honestly, it was too much for me.  I had to turn it off once.  I had a friend staying with me a few weeks later and she agreed to watch it with me.  The video is targeting young girls under 10, I would say.  It’s not fully animated and reminds me of those old felt boards from VBS.  Not in a bad way, that’s just what came to mind.

They are cute videos that focus on how because our heavenly Father is King of Kings, then we, as his children are daughter’s of the King – or princesses.  It’s very simple for children to understand but I think there is probably better material out there if you are wanting to share the importance of Jesus with your daughter.  I don’t have a daughter but I think that not all parents want to encourage the princess motif.  If you are one of those I would skip this dvd series.  If you don’t mind and in fact love it, then this is a good series for you to enjoy with your daughter.  She will enjoy the pinks and frills and fun stories.  They are light, silly and fun and ultimately – about Jesus in your life.

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