This started as a journal of my adventures to and in Africa.  I never saw myself heading to the African continent, but I was there for about two years.  I am now back in the US and trying to find my fit here.  Where does everything I’ve seen and learned fit here?  How do I help people understand my experience without being preachy or them being sick of hearing about “When I was in Kenya . . ..”  I’m working through things and hope you can learn with/from me and me you.

I pray that this space will be a spot where I can share my life.  I will talk about my work, what I’m learning, what I’m struggling with, my fabo vacas, cultural issues, justice issues and the like.  I do not wish to sound preachy and hope you will call me on it if I begin to go there.  Sometimes, though, words just aren’t enough, especially when they are typed here and read far, far away.