Mark DeMoss

This is a simple read, I read it over a couple of flights.  I’ve had this book for over a year, because I know that I packed it to move, the recent work trip was the perfect reason to check it off my list and decide whether to keep it or add it to the garage sale pile. 

The book is worth reading and I could see even keeping it on the shelf to reference periodically.  DeMoss offers some wisdom that may be more welcome and ‘wise’ coming from an expert in a published book than from me, the crazy foster mom.  😉

This is a timely book, I mean, this is the second edition and it has current illustrations.  There are topics that may not be terribly popular, but are still important to consider in your career.  The work trip I just took included travel and meals with my boss, which was completely benign.  DeMoss talks about guarding yourself, your career and your business by taking some precautions.  It was a thoughtful read and had some practical suggestions on improving our wisdom.  This is a book based on Scripture and the wisdom God has revealed through his word with DeMoss suggesting reading one chapter of Proverbs a day to increase our wisdom and awareness of God in all of our life. 

DeMoss focuses on the wisdom of honesty, regardless of the results.  It was refreshing and yet this is a book by a PR exec and sometimes seems a bit of a brag-fest and I think the book would’ve been better without that tenor.  As it stands I think I’ll loan it out and not be too concerned if it doesn’t return. 

It was a good and simple read.  While not my favorite, one I have already discussed with a couple of folks and one friend has asked to borrow the book. 

What to read next?