I read a book lately.  OK, so I tried to read a book lately.  I am a part of an awesome site that you should check out, if you are a reader, that is anyway.  I had this book for months and finally forced myself to take some time to read it.  I chose it because I thought it sounded interesting but it was just too much.  I tried repeatedly and it was not poorly written, it was just too politically bent for me.  I hated to stop reading, it goes against my obsessive tendencies.  But even more I just could not stomach the severe one-sided nature of the book.  It does have some good information in it though.  The second chapter, I believe it is, has some firsthand experience shared which is interesting and eye-opening.  But I just couldn’t get past that part.

In general I am conservative, and if you are conservative Republican, you may really enjoy this book and learn from it.  I suggest you check it out from the library first though.