I’m in Beijing and loving it!  It is cold and it was a long flight.  I have some jetlag but we’re having a grand time.  I’m going to try and post some pics later.  I’ve successfully plugged in my flat iron to my converter (not just the adaptor) and we’ll head out to the silk market shortly before dining on the famous dish of the city – Peking Duck.  Or Hard Rock (live Chinese cover band!).  The other will be tomorrow night.

Trivia: When did Peking become Beijing?

There’s so much to see here and so much I want to know.  I wish I had a local Chinese friend to explain things to me.

I did learn this today.  It is not uncommon to have Chinese young people come up to you and ask to go to tea to practice their English skills.  However, it could also be a scam where they bank on you knowing no Chinese and they take you to a fancy tea shop and order the most expensive tea which I’m told could cost 1000 yuan ($100) per cup and they stick you with the bill.  Not happened today :).

Hitting the Wall tomorrow!

Facebook is blocked here so I’m trying to keep up.  Love to you all, my friends!