I am tired and have slept really well once I’ve finally gone to bed each night this week.  I think it’s just because I’m so exhausted.  I often don’t sleep well.  I hate that.  I really hate that.  And here I sit, with bad braided extensions in honor of the pending Multicultural Week that I created at my job (love this part) in my office blogging.  I’ve caught up on my weekly tv shows online, cleared several things off my plate (and desk) and accomplished a fair bit.  However, it never seems enough and so here I sit.



I’m going home.  I’m trying to blog more.  Push myself to write, to journal, talk to God, find my center in him, not in late night texts or dreams of what ‘could be.’  Right now I appear to be at the high avoidance stage.  Perhaps collapse and caving will occur this weekend?  Until then I’m off to home to get up early to be on the radio at 7:30 tomorrow and again Friday (different station) at 7:40.  Love that I’m friends with both deejays.


all times are mountain. 🙂