I was going through the pain of goodbye.  I was saying goodbye to my coworkers, my guards, my neighbors, my movie dealer, my market vendors, my guest house hosts, my taxi driver, my friends.  It hurts my heart today and I’m hoping I make it through the day without crying but doubt it.  It’s good to remember what God has given.  He didn’t take it away, he just showed me a new place with new friends that one day, I will also have to leave.  God, you have given me so much and continued to build on the lessons you started in me during my time in Kenya.  I praise you!  May your name be glorified in my life.

I’m speaking at Rotary today.  This is not going to be easy.

Don’t think I live my life in sadness wishing for nothing but to return to Kenya.  That is not true.  I miss my life there and would love to return someday, for a visit, I think.  But today, as I remember leaving everything to march (well, fly) into the unknown, I remember with joy and sorrow the bittersweet of goodbye and I just need a moment.