Wow, you know it’s been awhile when you type in a website and it doesn’t automatically fill-in.  Sorry about that, my friends.  Are there still any of you reading this blog?  I hope so.

I want to share an article with you about CRWRC.  This article was given to me recently after I spoke at a Christian Reformed Church in Denver.  I had a great time and there was a sense of ‘going home’ as I looked around surrounded by all those tall Dutch folks.  And never fear, Dutch bingo was played, just not Dutch Blitz.

You have read a lot on this blog about sustainability as I’ve continued to learn about better stewardship.  There was a recent article on the CRWRC site that I thought I would share with you as I gear up to continue blogging regularly here.  I know!  I know!  I’ve said that before but I’m really going to work on it.  My life is terribly busy but who’s isn’t?  I am really annoyed and hurt when people tell me that they haven’t been in touch.   My life is busy and that is no excuse.  If I can be on facebook, I can blog here.  Thank you very much.

I digress.  Have a beautiful week, my friends!