“Just a little line.  And yet it quickly feels like a huge rope that binds.  A rope of stigma, injustice, discrimination and judgement.”

“. . . if I’m honest it’s my human nature to draw little lines.”

I would like to share this brief post by my friend, Melissa.

I haven’t thought of HIV/AIDS in awhile.  Just Friday I had mentioned to a coworker that one of the men was wearing hearing aids, just a random thing I’d noticed as I sat at the back of a workshop bored during one particularly circular conversation.  Later on, we saw this man outside and I nodded towards him and told her he was the one ‘with the aides.’  My friend immediately thought I was talking of HIV and gave me an odd look.  It was then that I realized what I’d said. 

(Where IS my brain sometimes?)

I am a different person than when I went to Africa, but not always in the ways I and others think I should be. 

Where are my lines?  When is it OK and even good to cross them?  When should I run screaming and flailing across the line and help people erase the line all together?

Dear Lord, please help me to see the lines that need to be crossed and show me the way to stop making them in the first place.