I feel like I need to make a decision about my blogging.  I have become a definite facebook addict and love keeping up and catching up with friends and family that way.  However, regardless of how much I live to write a good ‘status’ I really miss blogging sometimes.

Now, do I keep blogging or just do it all on fb via the notes section?  No, that’s not enough.

Do I keep both this blog and my previous blogger blog?  I only started this one for my work in Kenya and have really let the other slide.  I think it may be time to combine the two.  You will see randomness far greater than previously, I’m afraid, but what fun, right?!

I think it’s also time for a name change and I’m taking suggestions.  I’m a fan of alliteration so ‘Amy in Africa’ worked great for me.  It doesn’t have the appeal now that I’m not there and ‘Amy in Lamar’ isn’t rockin’ it for me.  (did I really just say that?  for Pete’s sake)

Anything you looking for on my blog?  I know that there are still people reading, bless your hearts.  THANK YOU!