I was part of a team of employees (I know that two of us are Christians as we have discussed it) who care for our students that had to deal with a difficult issue tonight.  I received a call on my work phone and put ‘on call’ and told to be ready to come to campus to deal with one of my international students that had a violent incident over the weekend, something quite out of character for him.  There is a lot involved, including possible demonic possession.  Yah, not kidding.

This kid is reaching out to Christians to learn about Jesus and try to escape the beliefs with which he was reared.

This kid broke some pretty big rules and made really big threats.

Do we kick him off campus but let him continue his studies (which he is barely attempting)?  Do we let him stay on campus and possibly follow-through with his threats (which he does not remember making)?  Do we expel him and send him packing back to his country?

As soon as I hung up from the initial call I called home and another dear Prayer Warrior.

Discernment.  I pray for discernment a lot.  God calls us to forgive 7 times 70.  How does a liar involved in a scary and sad past and not incredibly fruitful present benefit from this mandate?  Does he get a free pass?  Does he deserve one?  Is it to his detriment to get one?  Is it to the detriment of the other students to keep him?  What if by keeping him, he comes to truly know, love and accept Christ?

Dear Lord.  Protect this young man.  Fill his heart and Spirit and evict his demons.  Keep his Christian friends near.  Let him know your love.  Abate the loneliness he feels in a foreign land.  Grant me and the others discernment to do what you know is best.