I know I’ve been absent, please forgive me.  I have a new job, praise the Lord!  I’m working as the Coord. of International Programs and Services at Lamar Community College in Lamar, Colorado.  I’ve only just begun but it looks to be a great job.  I am renting a sweet little two bedroom in a beautiful neighborhood.  Unfortunately, there are mice.  It keeps me on my toes!  I’m mostly unpacked and down to rearranging and decorating.  I’ll be off to church and the laundromat later and then back to organize my scrapbooking stuff – hooray!

I wanted to share this with you from my friends, Larry and Linda.  I have shared from them before.  They worked with me in our Malawi office and attended SC, so we had a couple of connecting points.  I try to think about this a lot and thought it was well worded and simple so wanted to share.  I hope you enjoy it as I did.  And I’ll try to be back soon.  Facebook is just so tempting and easy these days!


This morning on the way to church we followed a bus down the main road.  Laden with passengers headed for Blantyre the bus spewed black smoke – and bits of detritus from the windows.  A candy wrapper flew out one window.  A banana peel flew out and slithered across the road.  A wad of chewed up sugar cane arched over to the side of the road.  A plastic big with the remains of a take-away meal floated down to the middle of the road, under a car passing in the opposite direction, swirled around, flew up into the air and settled to the earth in the ditch – joining several months collection of wrappers, bags, discarded rags, and all manner of other stuff just waiting for the first rains to wash the ditch clean – and carry the stuff down to sparkling Lake Malawi.

What are we doing to this place we call home, this world where we live?  Do we think we can trash it and then move on to a more pristine place?  And where would that be?  Why are we so callous about the way we treat the earth?  Just because we don’t SEE what we are doing to the earth, just because WE don’t have to clean up the mess we leave behind, doesn’t mean the mess isn’t there!

Ideas have consequences.  The ideas we have about how we live in the only place we have to live – this earth – have consequences, too.  Whether you buy into the impact of human activity on global climate or not, if you extrapolate the way you live out to the extent of your life and that of your children and grandchildren, are we living in a sustainable way?  Are we being good stewards of the resources that are at our disposal?  Are we using those resources in such a way that acknowledges that they don’t really belong to us?

Stewardship seems to be a strange idea to many people.  Yet it was not unknown many years ago when God was moving King David to record the songs He was putting in his heart.  Take a few minutes to read and ponder David’s song in Psalm 24. What does this song have to say about how we live in this world?  Why should we live this way?

Through this song God claims ownership over not only the physical world, the work of his own hands, but also over all who inhabit the world – you and me.  And because he claims ownership, there are certain expectations and results.

God expects that those who will approach him in his world must be those who live in a way that glorifies him; lives that acknowledge that he and he alone is Lord over all.  This involves not only what we DO (hands), but what we worship and what we say – the whole of our lives.  God isn’t interested in Sunday worshipers but in those whose whole lives proclaim his lordship.

When we live in his world as he has designed us to live there will be blessing, vindication – and worship!  We will acknowledge in all our ideas that God and God alone is LORD, King of Glory.  Those glorious ideas must be expressed through the way we farm, what we grow, how we eat, how we treat our neighbour, what we do with our trash, what we wear and how we wash it – EVERY area of our lives is holy before the eyes of God for as we live on this earth, we stand on holy ground – His world!

Lord Jesus, teach me how to live so that ALL I do proclaims YOU as Lord!

For further study:  Dt. 10:14; 1 Chron. 29:11; Job 41:11; 1 Cor. 10:26