I am weepy lately.  I find that I cry easier than before I came back from Kenya.  I guess it’s part of my re-entry transition.  This morning I went to Kiwanis at 630.  I almost cried when people were giving a presentation on our local school system.  Now I’m home doing some web stuff and watching CMT.  I’ve cried twice.  Cried.  Not got teary or sentimental. I cried.  

It does make my dry eyes feel better, but hmmm.  I’m glad that I’ve warned my family about it so they don’t think I’m more crazy than normal.  

Things are going well though.  I had a wonderful trip to and from the Cities this past week.  It was a beautiful wedding and time well-spent with friends and docs.  I went to the travel clinic to make sure I didn’t bring back any unwanted visitors.  I don’t have TB, that’s always good news to hear, I think.  I am still waiting to hear about my other tests.  I also learned of several other places to look for jobs.  More transition ahead.  It’s exciting, scarey, and tiring.  

We start moving my folks this weekend.  Then we go pick Adam next week.  I’m so excited!  I can hardly wait!  It’s going to be so much fun having him around.  

Off to the posta as soon as they open to mail a few things and get some stamps and then over to the bank.  Good times, huh.