I’ve mentioned Care Creation Kenya before and here’s a great article on line.  I just want include a snippit to help you understand the importance of taking care of what we have.


“In God’s fields rats are the problem. They crawled under the old maize stalks that Paul Kiongo Thuo carefully placed on his soil as mulch, as the missionary had shown him, and ate the seeds he had planted in neat rows the day after the rains came. Thuo killed seven of the rodents, but more have moved in. Perhaps it is best to let the seeds germinate first before laying down the mulch, his wife Grace suggests as they stand in the middle of their four-acre farm, where they also grow beans, bananas and cabbage. Thuo bobs his white beanie in agreement. Craig Sorley, a 6ft 3in American with a shaved head, Levis, a lumberjack shirt and muddy boots, listens and thinks for a moment. He has already sought advice on the rat problem from Christian colleagues in Zimbabwe who pioneered Farming God’s Way, which uses biblical teachings to encourage a practice known as conservation agriculture. In reply, his colleagues had asked why raptors had not eaten the rats. But here, on the eastern edge of the Great Rift Valley in central Kenya, where small-scale farmers have traditionally struggled to grow enough food even to feed their families, virtually all the indigenous trees have been chopped down for firewood. The few exotic eucalyptus trees scattered around the farms are not suitable for nesting.

‘You mess with one part of God’s creation and you’ll pay for it another,’ Sorley says, examining a handful of soil from Thuo’s bean patch.”

I sometimes feel like I’m talking to people about this type of thing and people’s eyes are glazing over and their ears are stopping-up.  ‘oh, she’s talking all tree-hugger, granola person again.’  I’m not and I think this article puts things into better words than I have been able to do lately.