I am having Willie Nelson attacks.  I’ve been on the road since Monday and loving it.  I’ve stopped in Colorado Springs, all over Denver, Greeley, driven through Nebraska and South Dakota (just missing a turtle on I-90) and am now warming myself on the sun porch in Brookings SD.

I love the opportunity to travel and see my friends and catch up.  I’ve met children, heard of moves, jobs, surguries, new homes and new boyfriends.  I’m sharing my photos and stories and just loving sitting on a friends couch in a sweatshirt having tea.  I am being renewed as I spend time up late nights with my friends.  It warms my heart.

So if you see me over the next few weeks and hear me humming under my breath, you can be sure it’s a little bit of Willie.  Well, Willie or Wicked, that’s almost always in the cd player these days.