Road rules are very different in other places around the world.  Kenyan drivers are quite aggressive and any rules that exist seem to be mere suggestions.  I’m remembering that this is not the case in the U.S.

I was driving up from Amarillo to Liberal and took a right turn after stopping at a red light.  Rubes was quick to tell me, “I’m pretty sure that was illegal.”  I didn’t believe her at all and even twenty minutes later asked her about it again.  She’s certain I am wrong.  I have no idea.

The light turned red and a motorcycle in front of me stopped.  I stopped and then proceeded to go to the right of it and turn.  There was no turn lane, as such, but there was plenty of space and it’s not like I went up on the curb (like many would’ve done in Kenya).

When I was in Michigan I went to a great little tea shop a friend told me about.  As I parked my car on the right side of the narrow street near the stop sign I wondered if that was legal.  I had absolutely no idea.  But I parked there anyway and sat near a window where at least I’d see if I started to get a ticket or towed.  Neither happened.

Re-entry has been OK but there are definately things that are catching me off guard.  Road rules are merely the start.