Howdy, friends!

I’ve made it to Grand Rapids, Michigan and am catching up on emails and sleep.  I have a new number if you’d like it and haven’t heard from me yet, do let me know.  I’m trying to get to everyone, but my numbers aren’t all correct from a year or two ago.  Please forgive me. 

I will be in GR until Monday when I head up to Canada. 

I had my first stereotypical cultural shock while shopping today. 

I went into a shop and was totally overwhelmed.  I greeted the clerk and told him I was fine.  I then turned to the merchandise and smiled, it was good to be someplace familiar.   As I began to walk the aisles I began to smile less and talk to myself more.  My heart began to race and I started to get nervous.  I had to go ask for help.  I told the clerk I had only been back in the country for a week and was overwhelmed with all the choices, could he please just point out something for me to buy along these lines?  He smiled and kindly said, “That’s what we do here.”  I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful for a kind clerk.  I wanted to take him for ice cream next door but thought he’d think I was weird.  I just thanked him and smiled and escaped the store.


I wasn’t expecting that at all. 

Those shocks sneak up on you for sure.  I cry at strange things.  Some odd song on the radio made me cry on my way home tonight. 

So, if you see me and I start to cry, it’s not you (most likely – just kidding!).  Please bear with me and give me a hug and a tissue and I’ll be fine momentarily.