I mentioned previously about looking for a list of things that I had wanted to blog about.  Ummm, that list was from last October.  Sorry about that.  Those things are bit too far past for blogging, except maybe this one. 


I was part of a large team that traveled upcountry for a project evaluation.  (This was near the area where I thought I was hiding my struggles with the heat, but it was a bit cooler this time of year, thank goodness.)  One of the other team members was Carole, the Bridger from Uganda.  After our major site visit we were visiting nearby homes in small groups.  As we turned to go back to the site, the leader invited a young girl to walk with Carole and I and he walked on ahead, after he made a point to encourage her to use her English.  Neither Carole nor I know enough Swahili for her to have used anything except English. 


Anyway, as we’re walking along, Carole began ‘interpreting’ between us.  I’m talking English to English translation and cultural translation.  All of a sudden I stopped and just laughed.  I said, “Wait!  Why is the Ugandan Bridger in Kenya translating for the Kenyan Bridger?!”  It was just really funny to us. 


Guess you had to be there?