The most watched show in Kenya is Churchill Live.  It is great!  It’s funny, funny, funny.  Well, I think it is anyway.  Half of it is in Swahili so I really don’t understand most of it but everyone is always laughing.  It’s really the main reason I want to learn Swahili better. 


The show is taped every Tuesday night at Carnivore, a great place to eat if you love meat, which I do.  I’ve never been to a taping of a show, because really, why?  Remember, I don’t understand most of the show.  Maybe I’ll try and go anyway and just pretend.  Hmmmm.  You know, my awesome purse has been on national Kenyan television, maybe it’s time that I am as well. 


Anyway, we were having supper today after Day One of Phase One of the Volunteer Management Training and the TV was on across the room.   I wasn’t paying much attention until I heard a classic behind me.  I perked up and said, “I know this song in English!  This is Kenny Rogers!”  Yes, it was some guy dressed as Kenny and singing the ol’ standard, Lucille.  I sang a few lines and my coworker said with a bit of surprise, “Yes!”  Then this Kenyan Kenny got to the chorus and they bleeped out part of the song.  My life is now complete.  I have heard Kenny translated into Kiswahili. 


Life is good.


Everybody sing!

“You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille!”