Many of you know that I’m addicted to scrapbooking.  I even sold Creative Memories before moving to Kenya.  It was great!


I decided to do all of my Africa scrapbooks digitally through the Storybook program through CM.  I’ve completed all of my albums outside of Kenya.  Each country I’ve been fortunate enough to visit (not counting Bangladesh – see previous entry) has it’s own album, plus one for the summer before leaving and my visit back last summer.  I’m now finishing up my safari album with all my safaris in it.  They will arrive home before I do, so please ask me to see any of them when you see me.  I know that looking at a dozen albums at once is too too much for anyone.  But I’d love to have tea or cake or Mexican with you as you look at an album or two (as long as your fingers are clean). 


The Kenya albums are next.  Man, that’s a lot of pictures!  Be sure you check out my pictures through the link here to my online albums.