I know I mentioned that I wouldn’t do a countdown and I’m trying not to but three weeks from today I will be leaving Kenya at 11:10pm our time.

Here is my schedule as I know it.  You will also find it listed on the calendar page next week.  Hope to see you along the way!


6 – leave Kenya at 11:10pm

7 – land in London and spend week with friends debriefing, preparing for re-entry and well, of course, playing.  tea anyone?

13 – leave London and land in Wichita at 8:40pm and drive on in to Liberal with Dad

15 – head to Dallas for baby sister Angie’s graduation that afternoon

16 – return to Liberal

17 – baby cousin Kara’s graduation from LHS – man, am I old!

18 – speak to the Southlawn Elementary Third Graders

19 – fly to Grand Rapids to be in the office for the week

23 – drive up to Burlington, Ontario to be in the office the next week

24 – speak in CRC somewhere, I think

28 – drive back to Grand Rapids to grab quick bite with Rachel who’s just back from Tanzania before flying back to Kansas

30 or 31 – drive to Colorado Springs



31 May – 5 June – debriefing with MTI in Colorado Springs

6-11 – speak and visit family and friends along Front Range as I begin heading towards Minnesota via Nebraska, I think

13-18 – Minnesota to speak and visit friends and attend Chris and Brian’s wedding

19-22 – Calvary Retreat at one of my fave places, Sleeping Fawn Resort upcountry, I mean, up north (guess I need to start changing my vernacular?)

23 or 24 – start journey via Iowa with trailer filled with my newly refinished table (thanks Jeff & Kris!) back to Kansas to spend rest of June speaking, visiting family and friends and resting, unpacking, selling things that after two years in boxes in my parent’s basement I realize I really don’t need after all


I’m hoping to have job interviews all along the way but one never knows.  I have a few temp plans after that but I really have no idea what is in store.  I’m hoping to hit a family reunion in the Springs and Andrew and Kara’s wedding in the Cities the second weekend of July but all else is up in the air. 


If you find yourself along this route, do let me know.  I would love to see you and will try and make it a point to stop (especially for tea, chocolate cake, or a free place to stay, heeheehee).