This is taken from Feb. 2009 edition of The Banner, the CRCNA (Christian Reformed Church of North America) monthly magazine.  You can read the full article by Jerry Dykstra on the website. 

“In our world there is a huge gulf between rich and poor. Grave injustices must be addressed. The moral fiber of many cultures is breaking down. There are wars and rumors of wars. We could wring our hands, retreat into our homes, lock our doors, and ignore the painful realities. But as followers of Christ we should see these issues not as problems but as opportunities. Will we flee from the challenges of a sinful world, or will we embrace these challenges to further the mission of God?

“Now is the time to ramp up our global engagement and focus less on ourselves and more on the kingdom of God. Jesus understood that his kingdom is very different from the kingdoms of this world. The first will be last and the last first. The kingdom belongs to the poor. The meek will inherit the earth. The pure in heart will see God.

“We do not know the future. That knowledge belongs only to God, but God has invited us to be a part of that future. You and I have the opportunity to share God’s love and grace with others around the world.

“We are the hands and feet of Jesus. We speak for the voiceless. We defend the helpless. We embrace people who have AIDS. We adjust our lifestyles so that the poor can live another day. We care for the creation. We spend less and give more. We proclaim the gospel in word and in deed in our neighborhoods and around the world.”


Do you see the need to be globally engaged?  Are you?  How?  How do you encourage others to be globally engaged?  Do you see being globally engaged as a responsibility for every Christian?  What does the phrase ‘globally engaged’ mean to you?  I know that there are a number of you reading this that don’t often comment.  I would really love to hear your thoughts, especially as I prepare to return to the States and am looking at how to be globally engaged at home there and to do so without turning others away from listening to me.