The sense of smell is a powerful thing.  One whiff of something can trigger a memory twenty years old.  A waft of a man’s cologne as you pass on the street makes you think of an old boyfriend.  The smell of fresh cookies makes you think of weekends home from college.  A lingering aroma of the earth after the rain makes you remember summer camp.  Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience these.  I have one friend who has absolutely no sense of smell and therefore, not much of a sense of taste either. 

I just walked into the women’s restroom on the floor of our office building and the smell reminded me of the old Dairy Queen across the street from the Public Library.  I don’t think that’s good.

But what smells will trigger Africa, more specifically Kenya, for me when I’m home?  Diesel, exhaust, dirt, BBQ, masala, chai, mangos, passion fruits and body odor.  I wonder what else will stop me in my tracks, taking me, in a flash, straight back to Kenya.