Here are some great sites for fair trade items if you are interested.  I have no claim in any of these sites and do not vouch for them.


Transfair USA and Fair Trade Certified

The Fair Trade Certified™ Label guarantees consumers that strict economic, social and environmental criteria were met in the production and trade of an agricultural product. Fair Trade Certification is currently available in the U.S. for coffee, tea and herbs, cocoa and chocolate, fresh fruit, flowers, sugar, rice, and vanilla. TransFair USA licenses companies to display the Fair Trade Certified label on products that meet strict international Fair Trade standards.


Fair Trade Org

The website of the Fairtrade Foundation, the campaigning and certification organization behind the FAIRTRADE Mark.


Ten thousand villages

 This store is not new to many of you as they are all around North America.  The quality of the items is of the highest standard and you can shop right there in a city near you.  Liberal even used to have one and I’m not sure what happened to it but last I was in Hutch there was still one there.  The site has a spot where you can order online or find a location near you.


Wonder Welders is in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and is a group working to give disabled people meaningful employment.  I learned about them from one of our volunteers there, Rachel.  They are environmentally responsible and making wonderful things from trash.  I received some cards from there for Christmas.  I love them!  They are so creative and fun!  They have all sorts of things so be sure to check them out.


Banana Box

I came across this store at the Sarit Center, not far from our office.  The Sarit Center is Nairobi’s first mall that has a bit of everything, not unlike our malls in North America.  This place has a lot of great items.  The one item that sticks out in my mind is a nativity made from banana leaves by a refugee of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It’s not very big but wonderful.    

7 THINGS you should know about The Banana Box (from their marketing)

  • We support Kenyan crafts 
  • We work closely with Community Projects, Local artisans and Refugees, enabling them to make a living
  • We empower KEnyan women – Craftswomen
  • We encourage carvers to use sustainable wood from managed forestry porjects
  • Many of our products are made from Recycled Matatus (these are the van/busses that drive crazily throughout the country as an alternative to a regular bus)
  • Our paper shopping bags are handmade and printerd by “Street Boys”
  • We believe in FAIR TRADING

Undugu Society of Kenya

I really enjoy shopping here.  The people are friendly and knowledgable and the prices are good.  It is a fair trade shop and this website gives you a good taste of what they carry.  However, you shop differently here by requesting information on the items in which you are interested.  If you saw my dad during any of my presentations, his shirt came from here.


Gifts on a Mission

  This is an organization run by a friend of mine.  Jackie is great and really loves getting to know the people that she buys from here so that you know who you are helping.  Items for sale should be up online soon, so drop by and see what the org is all about.


Tierra Nueva

This is another great spot for you fairtrade coffelovers.  My friend and coworker, Matt, has been working with them for his graduate work.  You can see what Matt and Katie are up to now (they arrive in Hondorus for a year with CRWRC in Aug.) at their blog

Relationship Coffee is NATURALLY ORGANIC!

These African farmers have grown coffee for generations using only naturally organic methods.  Naturally organic means they have never used chemicals.  The coffee beans are all hand picked, sorted and dried according to age old techniques passed on from generation to generation.

Kitengela Glass

100% Kenyan – 100% Recycled; Everything is unique – nothing is wasted.