I am trying not to dwell on the countdown of days I have left in Kenya.  I’m incredibly excited to be going home.  At the same time I’m sad to leave.  To leave a people and a job that I love is disheartening, especially when I don’t have a job lined up at home.  (Note: When I say ‘home’ I pretty much mean anywhere in the US, not just one place.)

However, I leave Kenya 6 May.  I spend a week with friends in London and land in Wichita, Kansas at 840pm on 13 May. 


From the day I’m writing this 1 April (and this is no joke) I have only 5 weeks left to go. 

I’m not totally sure how I feel about that reality.  Sometimes I dance with joy and scream with glee.  Other times I could just cry.  It’s bittersweet.

I want to thank everyone that’s ever sent me a letter or package here.  It is such a joy to get things from home.  However, with this countdown also comes the end of the mail.  To help insure that I actually receive what you send, please do not mail me anything after 10 April.

Here we go.  I’m trying to get work wrapped up, people loved on, my things packed, given away or sold and just soak up my Kenya.

So, 5 weeks to go, but who’s counting?