I believe that I’ve mentioned fair trade here before.  When people are in town and want to shop without going to the market, I have 3-4 good fair trade shops where I like to take them.  Fair trade means that the producer is getting a fair price for the goods they provide.  It’s a beautiful thing and I encourage you to look at options of how make your life more fair trade.  Here’s one example for all my coffee-loving friends.

Instead of buying coffee from supermarkets or plopping down money for a cup of java at the local coffee shop, why not consider becoming part of the fair trade movement?

To help spread awareness of fair trade, the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) and the CRC’s Office of Social Justice are participating in a program that purchases Brew Justice coffee. It tastes good and helps those who raise it at the same time.

“The money will go to fund justice projects in the CRC — things like the Green Grant,” says Kate Kooyman, congregational social justice mobilizer for the church. The Green Grant project provides grants to CRC congregations that are undertaking eco-friendly projects.

“We look at it this as an educational opportunity about why fair trade is good for farmers, what it has to do with our faith, how we can make small changes to our daily lives to follow God’s call to do justice,” says Kooyman.

Brew Justice coffee is described as a robust blend of Mexican medium and dark roasts, with a rich, full body and lasting flavor. The coffee is roasted specially by Higher Grounds Trading Co. in Traverse City, Mich.

With every purchase of Brew Justice fair trade coffee, a congregation supports CRWRC and CRC justice programming — not to mention providing a fair wage and opportunities for a coffee farmer in a developing nation.

Fair trade is a fast-growing alternative market that looks to provide better wages and greater social justice to small farmers around the world. When you buy fair trade coffee, “you’re saying that you don’t want to exploit the person who worked to create your product,” says the CRC’s Office of Social Justice.

“You’re saying that you’re willing to spend an extra few cents on your end, so that a producer in a developing country can have a chance to feed, clothe and educate her family. You’re saying that your consumer power can be used to promote environmental sustainability and social justice.”

Brew Justice is available in dark, medium, and decaf roasts. Orders can be for pre-ground or whole bean. Individuals can order a one-pound bag from Higher Grounds for $10, plus shipping. Churches can make bulk orders by ordering five-pound bags for $36.25, plus shipping. By ordering coffee from Higher Grounds, you are helping the farmers in the fields. But you can also sell Brew Justice to support your church group or mission group.

Place your order here.

The CRC will be given part of the proceeds from these purchases. 

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