from Romero’s The Violence of Love, p 72-73

God is the exquisite likeness

of a mother with child.

God bore me in his womb

   and loved me and destined me

   and already thought of my days

   and of my death.

What will happen to me doesn’t matter to me;

God already knows it.


Let us not be afraid, brothers and sisters.

   We are living through difficult and uncertain days.

   We do not know if this very evening

   we will be prisoners

   or murder victims.

We do not know

   what the forces of evil will do with us.

But one thing I do know:

   even those who have disappeared after arrest,

   even those who are mourned in the mystery of an abduction,

are known and loved by God.

If God allows these disappearances

it is not because he is helpless.

He loves us,

   he keeps on loving.


He loves our histroy too, and he knows

where the ways of our land’s redemption will lead.

We do not lose hope in this great truth.

This is the true treasure of God’s reign:

   hope, faith, prayer,

   the intimate force that joins one to God.

Let us pray for this.


This is a crazy world in which we live.  If you read the paper here there are horrible deaths of all kinds each day.  Women are raped at an astounding rate around the world.  Children are literally starving to death in front of their mother’s eyes.  Men see nothing but hopelessness in front of them and take thier own lives.  I pray that we can all see the hope that God has for us.  Believe that we are loved and not alone.