Well, this is what I get for asking you what you’d like to know about Kenya, me, my work here, etc.

This may be sick or just weird how ever you look at it …

 I was wondering … we in Wisconsin and Minnesota have road kill on the sides of freeways … mostly deer and some raccoon   What does Kenya have?  Hippos?  Gazelles? Monkey?

 So that’s it.  It is now out of my head for the night.


Well, Brian.  Glad you asked!?!  I have actually recently seen dog and unfortunately witnessed two lamb being hit outside of town.  My friend, Rachel, works with CRWRC in Tanzania and has quite the story for you on her blog.  I’ve not seen any zebra or baboon on the roadways but we do have a lot of those in some areas.  The  giraffe, camels and jumbos (elephants) are far too big to be roadkill.  It would be even worse than hitting a cow as you can imagine.

So there you have it.  Any other questions?