I like to share with you about the work here, my life here and things that I am learning and reading that make me think.  Today is the latter.  Here is another quote from Oscar Romero.  As I look at the last few years of my life and the moves I made, along with the year ahead and whatever it may hold this really struck me.  I also know a lot of people are going through transitions right now.  Be courageous, you are not alone.  God is there, let him lead.

“Abraham was living quietly in Ur of Chaldea when the Lord told him, ‘Leave your kindred and go to the land I will show you,’ without telling him where.  Abraham left, walking like a man in a dream, hoping the Lord would tell him where he was to go.  Years and generations passed, until at last Abraham’s descendants returned from Egypt to the promised land.

“God has eternity before him.  Only God has security.  It is for us to follow humbly wherever God wants to lead, and blessed are those who stay faithful to the ways God inspires them to go and who do not, in order to please others, live with an uneasy conscience in the place where othesr believe security is to be found. 

“Leave your kindred, cast off your false security, be converted to the Lord.  That is the road without end of our faith’s pilgrimage.”

June 11, 1978