While I was in Uganda I was able to take some time to visit Paul and Joy.  It was awesome!  I talked about it all the time with everyone prior to my visit I was so excited!  I had to control myself as I bought Kenyan coffee for Paul and dark chocolate for Joy.  I just love buying gifts for people.  I was just so pleased that the chocolate made it all the way to Joy without melting!

We laughed, we discussed, we read, we traded movies, magazines and books.  We ate, we toured, we took pictures with Jesus and one of the former Ugandan President’s that I’ve forgotten the name of now.  Better ask them about that!

We walked, we rode bodaboda (mentioned in another post), we laughed, we hugged, we ate, we facebooked, we prayed.

We talked work.  We talked family.  We talked shopping.  We talked development.  We talked environment and gardening.  We had a great time.

For those of you who know Paul and Joy, I encourage you to visit them!  OK, so I was going to say ‘their blog’ but thought, why not just come on over!  Since most won’t have that chance, the blog is the next best thing.  They are doing great relationship building and work there in Lira. 

It was such a blessing to see someone from home and not have to be working or doing anything, really.  It was good; it was really, really good.