I turned 35 this month. 

That makes me sound and feel old. 

I know that to some I am and to some I am not.  I had a friend today say that I wasn’t old and that we were about the same age.  He is too, too kind. 

He is THIRTEEN years YOUNGER THAN me.  That is NOT the same age.

Anyway, as I was away from home for my second birthday I wasn’t really bothered by that at all.  I was enjoying my ride in the safari van as we traveled the good road from Soroti back down to Kampala through Mbale and Jinga in Uganda.  We stopped in Jinga to shop a bit and have lunch.  I contemplated having chocolate cake for dessert.  After all, it’s my birthday. 

Throughout my time in Uganda, as we ate I always checked the menu first for desserts.  I’m a chocolate cake devotee and am always looking for a good moist and sweet one, which is hard to come by over here.

I asked at lunch if the cake was moist and was told no so I passed and away we went.  (After seeing this really cool beaded curtain made from paper beads.)

The plan was that we were going straight to the guest house when we arrived in Kampala.  Nope.  Change of plans.  We’re going to the office.

OK.  No problem.  Life could be worse.

As I’m helping to unpack the van Ruth tells me that there is a pkg waiting for me inside.  I had no idea what it could be except one that I had asked a coworker to deliver to Kenya for me since he was going and I was afraid I was going to exceed my weight limit. 

I went inside and everyone from the Uganda office was singing “Happy Birthday” and there were treats and cold Coke and A CHOCOLATE CAKE!

It was such a joy to have a great celebration with these new and old friends.  I really, really had a great time and couldn’t have wished for anything more.

May your birthday be just as memorable.