I don’t eat breakfast everyday because I’m not usually hungry until I’ve been up for 2-3 hours and then I eat.  (please don’t lecture me on the importance of eating breakfast, you will never change my mind, but that’s a post for another day.)  However, when I’m at home and I do have breakfast I usually turn on the TV.  This is what was on this morning as I ate my jam and bread.

1)  “…community based sanitation where they [sorry missed that part] go into a community and disgust, shame and [something] people while they educate them about toilet sanitation and how even when you ‘go’ in the bush it makes it way back to your home in various ways.”  Interesting, but not appetizing during breakfast.  This is a fairly taboo subject and you could tell that even the host was uncomfortable.  At one point they stopped showing close-ups which I thought was interesting.  My thought was so as not to show her discomfort.

2)  Where will Obama’s daughter’s go to school?  Public or private?

3)  How having an African American President in the United States is instilling pride and and an “I can do it!” attitude here in Kenya.

4)  The sale of firearms and ammunition in the US is soaring because people are afraid that Obama will instigate a ban of some sort.

5)  A local community flooded.

I greeted my building manager Patrick and told him I do not want the open apartment with the balcony because he was right, it is too small.  Notified our day guard John that my friend Dot will be dropping her car at my place next week (she is generously letting me use it while she is in US for three months) and that my friend Tim will be living in my apartment while I am in Uganda.  Stopped to chat with a couple of guards I know along the way to work, got a phone number from the Mennonite Guest House for the Kiambethu Tea Farm where six of us are going this Sat and then chatted and got the number from Moses, the guy I buy most of my phone credits from.

I realized that I was whistling “Bicycle Built for Two.”  WHAT?!  No idea.  Sang it all the way to work: strange, huh.

That was all before I got to work.  Not every morning is that productive, but it’s boding well for a great day ahead.