My job title is Constituency Bridger.  I bridge the world of Kenya to the world of North America.  I do that in a lot of ways and one way is through my blog.  I try to make my blog educational and fun as well as an opportunity to tell you about myself, my struggles and what I am learning. 


Last year I posted several blogs regarding the environment and simple ways that we can become better stewards of this life that God has given us.  One of those tips was to unplug appliances that are not being used so as to prevent ‘phantom electrical waste.’  Phantom waste occurs when you have things plugged in but not turned on such as a phone charger with no phone being charged.


I traveled quite a lot while I was at home this past summer and stayed with various family and friends.  At two different homes I had discussions with people about how they read that blog and have started unplugging things.  I smile even now when I think about it as I see how God uses all sorts of means to teach us.  These two women were in different parts of the US and found that unplugging things provided a gift to God and that they enjoyed being better stewards.  One of those women also had to purchase a few new big appliances over the last year and intentionally did some research and opted for more environmentally friendly models. 


These women expressed appreciation to me for the work that I do in Kenya.  I hope that they understood the appreciation that I have for them and the work they are doing right where they are located.  A familiar quote says that we ought to ‘bloom where we’re planted,’ and these women are doing just that and helping us provide a better world for future generations.