“When there’s conflict, drought, famine, major population movement, major military movement, you can suspect that HIV/AIDS is running wild.”  Krisin Kalla, Director, CORE Initiative (p50, The Skeptic’s Guide to the Global AIDS Crisis)

Many countries of sub-saharan Africa fit into at least one of those categories, including Kenya which in the last year has faced all of the above really.  The HIV/AIDS rate was decreasing but it is anticipated that it will reverse and be on the rise again in the next few years due to all of the unstability.  Just this summer there was an article on the front page of Yahoo that talked of girls as young as 13 engaging in the commercial sex trade due to difficulties resulting from the post-election violence.  People often have incredibly difficult decisions to make to survive.  It’s not as simple as ‘just don’t do it.’ 

Please pray with me that these things (conflict, famine, etc, mentioned above) will be eradicated and that CRWRC will be strengthened and blessed as we work alongside communities to do just that.