I feel like God has worked on me quite a bit this past year and I’ve changed a bit.  I asked a couple of friends about it when I was home and they agreed.  One said, ‘well, you will never be mellow, but you are a bit calmer than when you left.’ 

Last night I went to the movies with a gal from the home office.  We saw Wanted.  People are shooting people all throughout the movie but one shot in particular really scared me I guess.  I didn’t realize I had done anything until everyone in front of me turned to look at me.  That was when I realized that I had screamed LOUDLY (really, what other kind of scream is there?).  I was so embarassed that then I got the giggles and got to laughing so hard I went into that silent laugh mode where you just shake.  I almost had to get up and leave. Then when we went home I had to watch a bit of something a little more low key and even slept with a light on in the front room.  What a baby I am!

So as you see, some things never change.