I apoloize to those who have already received this one.  I had some difficulty sending out my enews and several emails came back to me and I know the address was good.  So, if you would like to shoot me an email with any updates or changes to your email if you haven’t heard from me, especially in the past week, that would be great.  Here is the enews that was sent out this morning from Nairobi.

Greetings Dear Ones,

 I wanted to let you know that I have safely returned to Kenya.  I have all of my luggage and only one small thing broke in transit. 

 Many of you heard me talk about welcoming while I was home.  I want to share another way that I have been continually welcomed in my office, my community and my adopted country of Kenya. 

 It is not uncommon to be given names by different tribes throughout Africa as a symbol of welcome into the community.  I was given a Teso name this past March as I visited and learned from our partner in Western Region, near Uganda.  Since my return from the States I have been given a Luo name, Kamba name and Kikuyu name.  It makes for a long nametag, but it is a gift that I will always treasure.

 My Teso name is Atyang which means ‘blessed one’ similar to Moses.  This was given to me by a new community where Western Region Christian Community Services, one of our partners, is working.

My Luo name is Achieng meaning I was born midday.  Chieng means ‘sun.’  My co-workers Betty and George gave me this one.

Annah, another co-worker, gave me my Kamba name.  Mwende means ‘one who is loved.’

Wajiku is my Kikuyu name, given to me by a vendor at the Triangle Market.  It is the name of his oldest sister. 

 I was named after my great grandmother whose last name was Emigh.  Amy means ‘beloved.’   My middle name, Rebeka, is taken from the Old Testament and means ‘to tie or bind.’

 As I am so welcomed it reminds me to turn and welcome those around me.  What a blessing to have been warmly welcomed back to the States by each of you and then turn around and be welcomed with hand shakes, hugs, kisses and the beautiful gift of a special name as I returned to Kenya.

 A newsletter should be on its way to you in the next few weeks.  I just wanted to thank you for taking time to see me when I came your way and welcoming me back into your life. 

I love you all and welcome you to keep sharing your life not only with me but with everyone around you.  Share what God has given you and be blessed.

 God welcomes you,  Amy Rebeka Atyang Achieng Mwende Wajiku Thompson