I haven’t blogged much and you may not have heard from me much and I’m sorry.  I haven’t always known what to say and now there’s not enough time.

Right now I’m avoiding packing.  Packing makes it all so real.  I’m started – sorta.  I’m not waiting until 11pm to start like last year though.  After this post, I’ll check my emails one last time and then thank you notes to write THEN I’ll pack. 

I just wanted to give you an update of where I am.  I’ll land in Nairobi 730pm this Friday.  That’s eight hours ahead of you in CST.  So when I am supposed to arrive in Nairobi it will be 1130am on Fri CST. 

I have eaten all the Mexican I can eat, lots of desserts and just had a hot dog for supper.  Well, really, can you ever have too much Mexican food?  I think not.

Seriously, I have got to quit procrastinating and get packing.

Have a great summer and I’ll talk to you next from Kenya!