Since I’ve been home, people have asked me some really great questions and I thought I’d share a few with you.



1.  Do you have running water?

     Yes, I live in an apartment that is quite nice.  My electricity is on most of the time as is my water.

2.  How do you do your laundry?

     I don’t.  I pay someone to come in once a week to hand wash all of my clothes.  She is better and faster than I will ever be and I am contributing to the local economy in my own way.

3.  Did YOU, Amy Thompson, Candy Missionary, say that you WALK 20-30 minutes to work?

     Yup.  I know, I can’t believe it either.  I have lost weight and gained muscle, too, as well as a bit of a tan on my face and arms.  Who ever would’ve thought?  I need to complain about this walk a lot less.  It really isn’t that bad.

4.  How/can I give support to the people and projects that I hear you talking about?

     The best way is to give through the CRWRC office.  Then your gift goes into the work of the Kenya office (and is tax deductible) and all that we do, which includes the people and projects that I talk about most.  If you are interested in giving a large gift to something specific though, you can go to the crwrc online donations page and indicate your intention in your online gift.

5.  Is there still a chance for me to see you before you leave?

     Yes, please check my calendar as it is filling up.  I am not listing all my ‘meeting’ (read that fun time with friends) in Minnesota but the days are filling fast.  Let me know what works for you and I will try and make it work for me, too, as I am really looking forward to visiting with you!  Yea!