That’s right, I’m home.  Well, I’m in the US anyway.  I arrived in Wichita and ran into the arms of my Dad and I cried.  It was good.  Then we drove 3-4 hours home from there after stopping for the all-American meal at McD’s (I think one visit this trip may be enough) in Kingman.  It was a journey of over 30 hours in total and I slept long and hard.  Unfortunately, that sleeping pattern didn’t last long as I have been quite awake each morning by 6ish.  That’s just wrong!


Thurs I decided to have lunch with Mom at Southlawn.  As I was pulling out of Sonic I wondered why this pick-up wasn’t turning, after all, he had the right-of-way.  That was when I realized I was in his lane – I was driving on the LEFT!


I finally made it to Southlawn and found a door that wasn’t locked and enjoyed a quick bite with Mom and then went to visit Gran.  She was eating, so I did a fashion show for her of my African outfits that I had with me.  One was so wonderful that she wanted me to stay and go down for coffee with her to visit with folks.  It was fun and it was Coke and a Smile day, that’s never bad (unlike that icky cherry pepsi I had at lunch today – that’s just wrong). 


Friday I spent a good portion of the day with a bunch of third graders.  First I met up with Mom and Connie’s classes out at Arkalon for a scavenger hunt, races, golf cart rides and picnic.  It was fun.   I left before the nature hike since I’ve seen my share of nature in the past year and I needed to get ready for the afternoon where I presented to all four of Southlawn’s third graders.  It was fun.  Two of the kids tried on the uniforms and we had a good time all around.


Saturday was a bum day and I went through a bunch of boxes and such and found all sorts of treasures.  Nothing for the garage sale though, I mean, that’s good stuff I have!


Sunday I spoke in church and had a display during coffee hour.  We served Tanzanian coffee and Ethiopian coffee and people liked the Ethiopian coffee more than I thought they might.  That was good (especially since Dad wasn’t too fond of it and I don’t drink it at all, I sent some coffee with a few that liked it).


Yesterday Dad took me to Wichita via Coldwater.  It was good to see Grandad and Uncle Wayne and have some Dave’s pizza.  It was a quick visit and I look forwarded to seeing them and the rest of the crew sometime in June.


I landed at my guest house in Grand Rapids about midnight last night and arose a little after 5.  Due to miscommunication, that was way too early and now I’m way too tired, but all is good.  I’ve been able to get some things done at the office today and look forward to what lies ahead.


I’ll have supper tonight with Nyamuhu from the Kenya office before she heads for Cali tomorrow morning.  How fun is that?


I’m trying to keep in touch with everyone.  You should recieve my newsletter right quick if you haven’t already.  If you are not on the list and would like to be please let me know.


I also hope to get an enews out in the next few days with my phone number while I’m in NA.  I’ll keep you posted.  Please be sure to check my calendar page to see where I’ll be when and let me know if we can get together!


Thank you for all of your travel prayers.  I love ya!  Hope this makes sense, my brain is starting to shut down from lack of sleep.  Maybe it’s time for a glass of cold water and then a Dr. Pepper.   Yep, I’m HOME.