How beautiful will be the day

when all the baptized understand

   that their work, thier job,

     is a priestly work,

that just as I celebrate Mass at this altar,

so each carpenter celebrates Mass at his workbench,

and each metalworker,

each professional,

each doctor with the scalpel,

the market woman at her stand,

is performing a priestly office!

How many cabdrivers, I know, listen to this message

   there in their cabs;

you are a priest at the wheel, my friend,

   if you work with honesty,

consecrating that taxi of yours to God,

bearing a message of peace and love

   to the passengers who ride in your cab.

November 20, 1977


OK all you Reformed folks – sound familiar?  I want to thank each of you who living this type of priestly life and modeling that for me.  We are all missionaries to those around us.  Candy missionary or not – we’re in this together.