I’m so excited I could just spit!

27 days until I follow that yellow brick road that leads me home!

I have final confirmation on my flight home.  I am still working on the other details but stay tuned and I will post my calendar.  I can hardly wait to see as many of you as possible because as my dear friend, Dawn, just wrote in an email, “It’s been a long time and there is lots to catch up on!”


I fly out of Nairobi at 11:50pm on May 6 arriving at London Heathrow at 6am on May 7.

I fly out of London at 1140am on May 7 and arrive at Chicago O’Hare at 1:55pm that afternoon.

I finally fly out of O’Hare at 4:40pm and land in Wichita that evening at 6:35 and can hardly wait!