A few weeks ago, I had a guest staying with me.  Sarah M and I know each other from SC.  She was a student when I was working in the Alumni office.  I told her that I don’t do bugs and lizards so she needs to kill them if she sees them and just not tell me about them.  Not ten minutes later a lizard came crawling out of the sink. 


Now, you may have heard me talk about lizards before.  EVERYTHING REMOTELY LIZARD-LIKE IS A LIZARD TO ME.  Regardless of whether it is a lizard, chameleon or gecko or what have you.  I hate them all and my heart stops and I usually grab my chest or cover my mouth to stifle the scream. 


I admit this may seem silly to you but it is VERY real to me.  I believe that we all have our crazy fears and this is mine, all I can say is pray for me.


Anyway, here I am at 1135 on a Saturday night.  I had many thoughts running through my mind (have I mentioned that I often think in blog posts?) so I decided to get up and use Alida’s computer to write some things out. 


I just settle in on the couch with the computer on my lap and a fresh Word document waiting for my every word and I spot something out of the corner of my eye.


That’s right.


It was a giant lizard.


OK, so it was a small something, probably a gecko.  Dear Lord, please let me believe it slipped through a crack in the closed window (and please let that really happen) and me never to see it or evidence of it again.  This is just as bad as the night that I stayed up all night watching two seasons of Desperate Housewives and watched the sun come up through my little window.  About four in the morning I went to the choo (toilet, not choo-choo like the train but cho like grow) and just happened to turn on the light.  There was a cockroach the size of China on the sink faucet.  Thought I might die.  Seriously.  It was awful.  I think I grabbed both my heart and my mouth.


As you can see, some things may never change.  But I would appreciate it if you would say a little prayer that God would blind me to the critters sharing this world that will not harm me but scare the breath right out of me.