I made two different kinds of chili for the staff today and it was fun.  I had a bowl’s worth left over.  it was good to have everyone there.  i made peanut butter rice krispie treats and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Catherine loves the cookies and is always talking aobut them so I gave her the recipe and chips.  Then I spent 10 minutes going over the directions with her, it was fun.  It’s strange to think how things are different in something that you can consider so simple as a recipe, as to ‘what is a cup’ or such things.

It’s small but it was good to have everyone together for some American time.  Yesterday we had an all-staff meeting and I did about 45 minutes on culture where we all learned from one another and it went really well.  I think everyone learned something, taught something and enjoyed it. 

 I’ll fill you in on what we learned shortly.