That evening as Alida and I arrived at the trucks we saw a few people waiting for us.  They knew that someone had to return to those vehicles soon so they were waiting.  One man was a chairman from the camps and a child had fallen and broken her arm and he was looking for help.  The medical camps had all closed for the day.  Alida went with him and returned just after the guys did.  Hannah is 11 and had fallen while getting some firewood.  She snapped her forearm so Alida and I took Hannah and her mother, Monica, to Moi Referral Hospital where she would receive free medical care.  Hannah and Monica didn’t speak much English and Monica is hard of hearing but things went smoothly and we received a cast and meds for Hannah.  However, by the time we were finished it was 8:30 and dark.  So Ben and Chris came to take them back to the camp and we headed home.  Milk is a rare commodity at the camps.  No one is passing it out and if you aren’t working, which most are not, you cannot buy any.  That means that Hannah will have little if any calcium in her diet as her bones try to heal.

While that lack of milk is something that I want to remedy at this point it is not the first priority. It is a genuine need but there other needs much greater, the biggest being perhaps shelter and blankets – remember, not all of Africa is hot.

If you are interested in helping people like Hannah, please donate online to help the relief team best help her.  Hannah didn’t choose to be run from her home, but she is painfully aware of the deep seeded hatred for ‘her kind’ as she lives, with her arm in a cast, in a tent scruched nest to thousands of other tents.