I realize that most of my posts lately are post-dated and for that I apologize.  My computer is broken and I’ve given up trying to guess when it will be fixed. 

 In short, in the last month I have spent a week of mental/emotional refreshing in Tanzania with friends and was blessed by being able to talk to a few of you on the phone.  God is amazing with all of this technology, huh.

I have hosted a co-worker here from Uganda for relief work.

I have been switched to some temporary relief work.

I am traveling via caravan with two co-workers to Eldoret tomorrow, on Tuesday 19 Feb.

I will be helping with relief assessment with the relief team as the female staff member to help with gender equality as well as gathering information to share with you.  After all, that is my job, to help you understand Kenyan and what CRWRC is doing here.

I feel safe going to Eldoret, particularly in the company of my two co-workers, one of whom I’ve mentioned here before as the ‘father to all foreigners.’  I am not sure when I will be flying back to Nairobi but am looking at early next week.

Again, I will be limited in my computer access and I apologize but hope to have great stories of God’s work in Kenya upon my return.  Please be patient and keep checking. 

I know it has been a long time since I’ve sent out an enews and it’s time for another snail mail newsletter as well.  I will get to those as soon as possible.  I knew I was attached and dependent on my laptop but I had no idea.  On a positive note I’m reading a lot more! (Thanks Lynnae, Marty and Beth for the book; Chris and Dawn and my Calvary Small Gp for ALL the magazines!)

If you would like to be included on my enews list (goes out approx. once a month) and/or my snail mail list (quarterly) please let me know.

 Many blessings, my friends!  thank you for your support, encouragment and prayers, you mean the world to me.