Dear Lord, I cry, when will it end?What can I do? How do I pray? Where are you?I do see God in the midst of all of this, I do.Many people are safe even though they’ve been evicted from their homes because of their ethnicity. Some who have been evicted, were given enough time to find a new place to live or at least a temporary place to store all of their belongings so they have not lost everything. People are reaching out to take care of those around them. People around the world are learning more about Kenya and justice.We, in Kenya, know that we are not alone. We know that God is before us, behind us and alongside us. We know that you are with us in prayer and thought and spirit. However, when I watch the news everyday and see children who have been seperated from their families in the hurry of evacuation I wonder why? When I hear that women are being raped at an even more alarming rate than before I wonder why? When I see the thousands seeking refuge at a chapel inside a maximum security prision because they feel safer there than on the ‘outside’ I wonder why? When I look at the fact that a coworker can’t leave her village because there are roadblocks that are unsafe to try and pass I wonder why? When I look at my relatively ‘cush’ surroundings in my neighborhood, office and apartment I wonder why?Why?It must be the question that God gets asked the most.