This was written two weeks ago.  I apologize for the belated posting. When asked if he had any wisdom about what was going on in Kenya, a coworker replied, “I tell people things are bad, don’t pretend.” The second opposition member of parliment was shot and killed today in less than a week.  Tensions have been on the rise for as long.  While mediation talks are in the works, things are getting worse.  This doesn’t make sense.  The AU – African Union – is having their annual meeting in Ethiopia right now.  They are saying that Kenyans must find a solution. The people are crying for an end to the violence.I go home at night and pretend nothing is wrong sometimes.  It is easy to do.  I sit in my office in a ‘safe zone’ and hear the construction at the building behind us and keep working.  My work is modified and I’m doing more research and news watching than before, but I’m at the office with most of my coworkers and we keep plugging along.  I go home, walking (or driving) down the same few streets as normal, waving to the guards I know as I go.  I get inside, lock the door and turn on a movie or TV series.  I veg.  I do very little.  I read.  It’s easy to pretend that things will be OK and better than normal very soon.  It’s easy to pretend in my little cocoon.God forgive me.  Open my eyes, heart and mind to the real tragedy and be willing to face it, to feel it and to cling to finding a solution, even if it’s only a solution for my part of the world, regardless of how small. I wrote a poem in like the fifth grade maybe.  I remember reading it in front of people in the gym for something.  It was about voting and how every vote counts.  Even as you are only one person, you are valuable and your vote counts so vote.God help me to understand that I can do something as me and show me what that something should be.I’ll come back to the vote thing in another post.