This is an invitation from a friend of mine, Liz, who was here in October on the HIV/AIDS tour.  If you are in the Santa Cruz area, please stop by for an evening well spent.

The Brick House
350 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 US
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Sunday February 3 at 8:30 pm

             I had the privilege of traveling to Kenya and Uganda. The events that awaited me at these destinations changed my life. I met several communities that are affected by the HIV virus. Several people invited me into their home and permitted me to photographically document our day together. They also gave me permission to share the photographs with you. As I departed each home, the guest would simply say, “Now You Know Africa”.  With the photos I share with you that night, I would like to extend the same invitation once given to me¦ Now You Know Africa!               This evening we will have a chance to get to know one another as a community. We will also have a common foundation to dialogue about Africa. There is another guest photographer Scott Stebner, who will be sharing his photo stories of Ethiopia too. We will also screen a film by Sam Kaufman entitled Living with SLIM, which is a documentary of children living with HIV. Jewl Sandoval, and Drea Batteast will present a song in honor of those affected by the HIV epidemic. We will also have the honor of meeting an elite team going to Uganda to serve as home builders for a couple of weeks. All in all, we’re going to have an eventful night with great old friends and potential to make plenty of new ones.